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xl-200 lane controller

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xl-200 lane controller

embedded lane controller is used in toll lanes of expressway toll stations, mainly used for the control and status collection of toll lane equipment (such as electric barriers, toll monitors, canopy lights, traffic lights, character overlays and vehicle detectors, etc. ), at the same time provide to the toll collector operation interface, record the original data of the charging process and report to the superior management system through the communication line. the lane controller is mainly composed of: industrial control computer, control unit, power supply, terminal and equipment cabinet, etc., all of which are made of famous manufacturers to ensure long-term stable operation. this product meets the technical requirements of the national transportation industry gb/t24968-2010

main technical indicators of embedded industrial control computer

adopt low-power advantech embedded industrial computer
low overall power consumption, more than 50% energy saving compared with traditional lane controller
processor: fanless design, core duo i5 2.7ghz
memory: onboard memory ≥8gb (optional), ddr4

solid state hard disk: ≥500gb (optional), mechanical hard disk: ≥1tb (optional)
the maximum resolution is higher than 1920×1200, and the refresh frequency is higher than 60hz
8 rs-232/422/485 optically isolated serial ports with automatic data flow control; 16 digital input and output on board; 6 usb interfaces, 1 pciex16 and more than 2 pci expansion slots, support 16 bit di/do with isolated digital signal s-video input, image resolution: 768×576
onboard 1 audio output
support 9-36v wide voltage dc voltage input
2 100/1000m adaptive ethernet ports
video capture card: image static resolution above 768x576 (pal), 32-bit true color, dynamic capture rate above 15 frames per second, audio sampling 24 bits, yuv composite video, three composite video and one y/c input, software switching , support computer content and image display on the same screen, graphics overlay function lane machine stores 1 year's original data, and stores more than 6 months of license plate information and pictures and other high-definition license plate recognition results
windows7 genuine operating system, providing operating system product serial number and operating system recovery cd
it can meet the needs of national highway network toll application software

lane controller control interface and chassis

the car controller adopts a small case to ensure the operating space of the toll collector. appearance size length width height 650mm*250mm*520mm
built-in lcd screen, supporting operation buttons, support on-site viewing of equipment status, debugging and inspection of equipment and lines; to improve installation and maintenance efficiency
dc power converter 220vac to 12vdc, power ≥150w industrial grade, equipped with 12v power distribution terminal, the main contact capacity of the relay is greater than 5a, the contact current capacity is greater than 10 times the actual current, and the relay life is 5×106 times
all peripherals can be directly connected to the terminal block, all internal wirings are maintained in the wire tank with a maintenance-free and highly reliable fan, and positive air pressure is generated in the chassis to prevent dust accumulation

more than 10 sets of air switch rated current can be selected according to the actual power consumption of the lane equipment, and the number of switch circuits meets the needs of independent control of the lane equipment and the equipment in the vehicle controller. more than 2 spare circuits are reserved
5-hole maintenance socket, independent power control
nominal working voltage: 240vac
nominal discharge current in(8/20ns): 20ka
maximum discharge current imax (8/20ns): 40ka
voltage protection level up: ≤1.5kv
response time: ≤25ns
power supply: ac220±20%, 50hz±2%
working environment: temperature -50°c~ 70°c, relative humidity 10%~95%
mtbf:>50000 hours
mttr: 0.5 hours