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xl-f826 fee display

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xl-f826 fee display


product introduction:

  xl-f826 toll display integrates toll display, lane traffic lights, yellow flashing alarm, and voice horn quotation. it is suitable for expressway, national highway, provincial road toll station toll lane light traffic control place, and used for toll station weight calculation the toll lane is displayed on the left front of the toll lane, showing the vehicle toll. traffic and alarm information. the product meets the technical requirements of the national transportation industry gb/t 27879-2011 "highway toll charge display".

technical indicators of display screen

using dot matrix display mode, the resolution is 128*64;

the display of chinese characters adopts a 16*16 dot matrix method, each line displays 8 chinese characters, and a maximum of 4 lines can be displayed;

dot matrix module: ф3.75mm single red super bright tube core, dot pitch: 4.75mm;

various display modes can be adjusted, which can realize up and down, left and right scrolling display, and the scrolling speed is adjustable;

contains the national standard gb2312 first and second level chinese characters; up to 32 chinese characters or 64 ascii code characters can be displayed;

  • interface mode: standard rs232; baud rate 9600, stop bit 1, no parity;

  • power supply: ac220v±20% 50hz±4%;

  • luminous intensity: >1500cd/m2.;

  • visual distance:> 30m;

  • working environment: temperature -50℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • mtbf: 50000 hours

  • mttr: 0.5 hours

the shell of the whole machine is made of stainless steel wire drawing, and the display part is sealed with tempered glass; under long-term exposure to sunlight, its visibility will not decrease.

overall dimensions (length×width×thickness) mm: 680×505×110, accuracy: ±3 mm;

display area size (length×width) mm: 610mm ×305mm, accuracy: ±3 mm;

the luminous intensity can be adjusted automatically or manually in multiple levels (16 levels) to prevent glare at night; under long-term exposure to sunlight, its visibility cannot be reduced;

the device can be equipped with a voice quotation part, and the voice volume can be adjusted in 4 levels. (via serial port command)

technical indicators of lane traffic lights

the lane traffic lights are fixed on the upper part of the toll display, using green "↓" and red "×" display methods, the specific indicators are as follows:

  • display size: 120mm×120mm

  • display pixels: super bright red led and super bright green led

  • control voltage: dc5v±15%

  • viewing angle: >30°

  • visual distance:> 30m;

  • control mode: control through the serial port, send control commands to the fee display through the serial port, and control the working status of the traffic lights.

  • yellow flashing alarm technical indicators

  • dimensions: φ120*140mm

  • alarm power: >25w

  • alarm frequency: 2khz--6khz

  • alarm sound intensity: 100—120db (1 meter)

control mode: control through the serial port, send control commands to feixian through the serial port, and control the working status of the yellow flash. if you have special requirements, you can also use the direct control method of the lane controller to control the status of the yellow flashing alarm by controlling the ac220v voltage. the wiring of this control method needs to be modified separately.

technical indicators of voice quotation:

voice content: original sound recording, including various toll phrases in the transportation industry; voice volume can be adjusted through the lane controller;

voice range: voice quotation can be played from type 1 to type 9 vehicles; total weight is 0-9999.9 tons; overweight 0-999.9 tons (or display overload rate 0%-999.9%), amount range 0--- 99999 yuan;

power: 10w;