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xl-f825 advertising type fee display

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xl-f825 advertising type fee display


product introduction:

  xl-f825 full-color toll display is used for toll lanes; it has the characteristics of diversified display content, integrated functions and easy upgrade and expansion; the toll display has toll display, picture display, video display, lane traffic lights, yellow the flashing alarm is integrated, displaying pictures, videos, and toll information. it is suitable for traffic control places such as highway toll stations. it is installed on the left front of the toll station and displays the toll, traffic and alarm information of the vehicle. the product meets the technical requirements of the national transportation industry gb/t 27879-2011 "highway toll charge display".

technical indicators of display screen

adopt full-color led display, the number of pixels is 224 rows×128 columns, each pixel is composed of one red, one green and one blue.

built-in 16×16 dot matrix, 24×24 dot matrix, 32×32 dot matrix gb2132 first-level chinese character library, graphics and text, and video format display is arbitrary.

display mode: (1) full screen display 6 rows×8 columns, 96 characters (48 chinese characters), 16×16 chinese character dot matrix display and various dot matrix methods to display chinese characters;

  • pixel pitch: 5mm;

  • diversified display modes: adjustable font size, display mode can scroll up and down, left and right

  • interface mode: standard rs232; baud rate 9600, stop bit 1, no parity;

  • power supply: ac220v±20% 50hz±4%;

  • luminous intensity: >6500cd/m2.;

  • visual distance: >60m;

  • working environment: temperature -50℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

the shell of the whole machine is made of steel plate sprayed plastic, and the display part is sealed with transparent tempered glass;

overall dimensions (width × height × thickness) mm: 705 × 1335 × 120, accuracy: ± 3 mm. ;

display area size (width × height) mm: 640mm × 1120mm;

mtbf: 50000 hours

mttr: 0.5 hours