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variable speed limit signs in tunnels

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variable speed limit signs in tunnels


product introduction:

the tunnel speed limit control sign is mainly used to remind drivers driving in the tunnel to a safe speed, provide safety, improve vehicle driving safety, and avoid accidents. the variable speed limit sign can remotely control the speed limit value at any time according to different road conditions through the control system, thereby inducing the driver to drive at a safe speed. the tunnel speed limit control sign has long visual distance, high brightness, high protection level, high and low temperature resistance and other characteristics, suitable for highway toll stations, bridges, tunnels and other places.

  • technical indicators;

  • cabinet: sheet metal iron black chassis

  • display color: outer circle: red, font or graphic: yellow or white (customized)

  • power supply: ac220v or dc12v (customized)

  • power: 30w

  • brightness: yellow 8000cd/㎡ red: 8000cd/㎡

  • visual distance: ≥300m

  • brightness adjustment: 32 levels

  • service life: 100,000 hours

  • working temperature: temperature -50℃~ 80℃

  • working humidity: 10%~95%rh

  • communication method: rs232/rs485

intelligent display status feedback