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highway/urban traffic guidance screen

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highway/urban traffic guidance screen

  product introduction
the etc lane status indicator screen is installed above the etc non-stop toll lane of the expressway toll station, instead of the traditional "red cross green arrow" single display mode lane canopy signal light, and its display content can be freely set by the user for prompting the traffic state of the lane.

product technical indicators

it adopts two-color led dot matrix display, which can display three colors of red, green and yellow. number of pixels: 24 rows by 128 columns or 32 rows by 160 columns, built-in 24x24 dot matrix full-width gb2132 first and second chinese character library and half-width acsii code font library
using ultra-high brightness light-emitting diodes, two red and one green. pixel pitch 20mm, display area size 2560mmx480mm or 3200mmx640mm

the whole machine is welded with 2mm steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic treatment. 

  • box size: 2660x600x180mm or 3310x750x180mm
  • luminous brightness: >9000cd/㎡
  • input power: ac220v±15%, power consumption: <600w
  • working environment: temperature -40℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%
  • visual distance: ≥300 meters
  • mtbf: 50000 hours
  • mttr: <0.5 hours

brightness adjustment: 9-level dimming, free setting in the range of 0-100%