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xl-519 solar induction light

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xl-519 solar induction light

solar exit guidance sign is a kind of traffic sign, which is composed of sign surface, sign bottom plate, solar panel, controller, light-emitting unit (led), etc. it uses text and patterns to convey warning, prohibition, and instruction information to drivers and pedestrians. safety facilities used to manage road traffic.


1. the product adopts inlaid packaging, self-moulded aluminum frame, firm packaging, full waterproof luminous lamp barrel, waterproof design, and can work 24 hours a day.

2. 3m reflective film can produce a strong reflective effect under a certain light source. the reflective effect is 6 times that of the traditional label. the label can be bright white during the day and the reflective effect is better at night.

3. solar energy export-inducing sign, a monocrystalline silicon solar cell module as energy source, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good charging effect, no need for grid support, no geographical restrictions, and very convenient to use

4. the product uses ultra-bright led light source, the color is eye-catching, and the color is distinct. it has good visual performance during the day or night, making the driver safer on the road.

technical parameter

shell material: aluminum shell

reflective surface material: 3m reflective film

dimensions: 400mm*400mm*70 mm
number of leds: 27 white leds

brightness: 18900 ~ 22 600 mcd

power: ≤5w

working voltage: dc12v
working mode: always on, flashing
visual distance: ≥1000m

led service life: ≥100,000 hours
battery: lithium battery 11v 13.2ah
solar panel: 15v 16w monocrystalline silicon solar cell, life span ≥15 years.
working temperature: -50℃ ~ 75℃
working humidity: ≤95%
life time: it can work continuously for more than 200 hours when fully charged.
protection level: greater than ip54
wind pressure resistance: ≥1.5kn/㎡