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xl-s526 lane indicator

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xl-s526 lane indicator

product introduction:

the lane indicator is used in the tunnel and is installed above the tunnel to indicate the state of use of the lane, which is convenient for vehicles to choose the lane and improve the traffic efficiency; as a signal sign. this product meets the technical requirements of jt/t 597-2004 "led lane control signs" in the national transportation industry.

product technical indicators

  • dimensions: 600×600×105mm

  • input signal voltage: 220 vac ± 15%

  • single input signal current: green: 0.30a/220vac

  • red: 0.35a/220vac

  • working environment: temperature -50℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • visual distance: ≥ 300 meters

  • mtbf: 50000 hours

  • mttr: ﹤ 0.5 hour

  • red led brightness >8000cd/m2

  • green led brightness> 10000cd/m2

  • angle of view 30°