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xl-528 fog lamp

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xl-528 fog lamp

 product introduction:

fog lights are installed on the toll island or along the two sides of the fog area of the expressway outside the protective fence, which are used to guide the driver's sight when the fog is abnormal. the fog lamp is composed of yellow super bright light-emitting diodes, which are characterized by low power consumption, long life, and single wavelength (its wavelength is 590nm), which is most suitable for use in fog. the fog lamp has high brightness and strong penetrating power to ensure that drivers with an eye vision of 0.8 or above can be clearly seen from 75 meters away under fog, dark night or low visibility conditions. this product meets the technical requirements of jt/t 597-2004 "led lane control signs" in the national transportation industry.

product technical indicators:

  • super bright diode: 127

  • dimensions: φ226×170×900mm

  • display size: φ170 mm

  • input signal voltage: 220vac±10%

  • power: ≤15w

  • working environment: temperature -25℃~ 70℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • visible distance on sunny days: ≥300 meters

  • 9. mtbf: 50000 hours

  • mttr: ﹤ 0.5 hours

  • viewing angle: 30°

  • yellow flash frequency: 0.6s

  • safety performance: reach gb14887 standard

adopt 2mm thick black plastic-sprayed steel shell, sealed with sealant, waterproof and corrosion-resistant.