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xl-527 lane traffic light

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xl-527 lane traffic light


product introduction: lane traffic lights can be installed on the toll island of the toll lane of the expressway toll station to indicate the release and prohibition of vehicles. at the same time, a yellow flashing alarm (optional) is integrated on the upper part of the traffic lights. this product meets the technical requirements of jt/t 597-2004 "led lane control signs" in the national transportation industry.

product technical indicators:

  • dimensions: 320×320×80mm

  • display size: φ230mm

  • display pixels: ultra-high brightness red led and ultra-high brightness green led

  • input voltage: 220vac±15% 50hz±4%

  • working environment: temperature -50℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • viewing angle: >30°

  • mtbf: 50000 hours

  • mttr: ﹤ 0.5 hours, power ≤15w

meet the "technical conditions and test methods of road traffic signal lights" by the ministry of public security