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xl-526 canopy signal light

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xl-526 canopy signal light


product introduction: the canopy signal lights are installed on the canopy above each lane, and each lane is equipped with a set of canopy signal lights, including the installation of red (indicated by "×") and green (indicated by "×") on the roof of the lane facing traffic flow. "↓" indicates) the combined signal lamp; install a red signal lamp (indicated by ×) on the ceiling on the back of the lane in the direction of traffic flow. red indicates that the lane is closed and vehicles are not allowed to enter the lane; green indicates that the lane is open and vehicles can enter the lane. this product meets the technical requirements of jt/t 597-2004 "led lane control signs" in the national transportation industry.

product technical indicators:

dimensions: 600×600×80 (mm)

input signal voltage: 220 vac

input signal current: green: 0.10a/220vac

red: 0.15a/220vac

visual distance: ≥ 300 meters

mtbf: 50000 hours

mttr: ﹤ 0.5 hours

working environment: temperature -50℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

red led brightness >7500cd/m2

green led brightness> 10000cd/m2

super bright red led light source: 26mm diameter, composed of 4 super bright red leds

super bright green led light source: 26mm in diameter, composed of 3 super bright green leds

half-angle power angle≥30°