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xl-180 manual railing machine

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xl-180 manual railing machine


product introduction: xl-180 manual railing is mainly composed of cross bars, no-go signs, rotating shafts, bases, etc.; it is used in highway toll lanes or parking lots and other vehicle access control places. this product complies with the people's republic of china transportation industry standard gb/t 24974-2010 "manual railing for tolls"

product technical indicators:

  • railing center height: 900mm

  • the extension range of the crossbar: 3500mm-5000mm

  • installation range of prohibited cards: 1800mm-2400mm

  • base size: 300mm×300mm

the cross bar is made of stainless steel, and other main metal components are treated with corresponding anti-corrosion treatment according to relevant national standards;

adopt foot-operated locking switch, the crossbar and the rotating shaft can be connected flexibly without jamming;