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xl-k9, k14 frequency conversion railing machine

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xl-k9, k14 frequency conversion railing machine


product introduction: xl-k series frequency conversion railing machine perfectly combines the current plc technology, frequency conversion control technology, frequency conversion motor technology and precision machining technology, which greatly improves the performance of the electric railing machine and extends the service life. this product meets the technical requirements of the national transportation industry gb/t 24973-2010 "charging electric railings".


digital frequency conversion replaces single-chip control, which improves the service life of the product.

the v/f curve stops freely, reducing the impact on the motor and mechanical structure, making the railing run more smoothly, and reducing jitter to protect the motor gear.

realize the adjustment of the screw speed through the frequency, which can be automatically adjusted within the standard parameter range of the motor.

through high-frequency acceleration and low-frequency blocking, the motor stops freely, which has no impact on the mechanical part and prolongs the service life of the machine.

the frequency of locked rotor can be set according to the local climate, which can better adapt to the heat in the southern summer and the severe cold in the northern winter.

provides the technology of combining plc and text control, adding ac motor drive interface and text interface. it is convenient for maintenance personnel to set the operating mode, lifting and lowering time, frequency, lifting and lowering time count and status of the railing machine, so as to realize the digital maintenance and management.

it can automatically detect the fault status and reset, if it can not be eliminated, it can automatically alarm.

product features:

  • operation mode: xl-k series electric railing machine has 3 operation modes, including manual mode, automatic mode and self-check mode.

  • manual mode: manual controller controls the up and down of the railing arm.

  • automatic mode: the railing machine is controlled by the lane controller or computer through the interface circuit to complete the up and down of the railing arm.

  • self-check mode: in this mode, the railing machine automatically runs up and down for aging and internal self-check.

with anti-smashing function: when the railing arm falls to a horizontal angle greater than 15°, if a vehicle enters the coil induction zone, the railing arm will automatically lift to prevent the car from smashing.

by adjusting the tension of the distributed spring, the railing machine can adapt to railing arms of different lengths.

with anti-collision function: a swing device is installed between the railing arm and the main shaft of the railing machine, which can be turned away when the railing arm is hit.

changing the direction of the main shaft can make the railing arm be installed as a left-hand type (right-hand type when leaving the factory).

adjust the installation direction of the movement to change the position of the railing arm relative to the chassis door.

the railing arm can be raised during power outages or failures.

the main technical parameters:

  • lift and drop time: ≤0.9 seconds, ≤1.4 seconds

  • rated power: 80w

  • service life: ≥10 million times

  • mttr: <0.5h

  • working environment: temperature -50℃~ 75℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • rated working power: 85-264vac

  • dimensions: 360mm×360mm×1020mm

  • weight: 67kg