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xl-k3 single cantilever fast electric railing mach

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xl-k3 single cantilever fast electric railing machine


product introduction:

the xl-k3 fast electric railing machine is an intelligent type developed by our company using  german frequency conversion technology and powerful plc control technology, using a special frequency conversion torque motor and high-reliability right-angle deceleration as the power core, and cooperating with precision machinery manufacturing and assembly. the product, advanced soft brake control technology makes the product run smoothly at high speed, no reverse brakes and mechanical buffering devices are needed to stop up and down, which greatly improves the performance of the electric barrier, prolongs the service life, and is maintenance-free. this product is widely used in expressway etc non-stop toll collection system, which can meet users' higher requirements for product life, efficiency and maintenance. this product meets the technical requirements of the national transportation industry gb/t 24973-2010 "charging electric railings".



  • soft brake technology: the product adopts a flexible brake design, which completely solves the problem of damage to the motor and reduction gear caused by the reverse force of the traditional railing machine.

  • driven by the continuous frequency conversion current, the railing runs extremely smoothly, and the operation reduces the impact on the mechanical structure, making the railing run more smoothly, and there will be no bounce and jitter when stopped, which effectively protects the motor gear.

  • instant anti-smashing function: the coil type vehicle detector is integrated in the railing machine, which can realize the automatic closing and anti-smashing functions of vehicles.

  • cold-resistant design: the motor has a static current to ensure that the freezing card will not appear in the cold weather of minus 40 degrees.

  • anti-collision slewing function: the anti-collision slewing device is adopted. when the vehicle hits the railing, the railing can be opened immediately in the driving direction to avoid impact damage to the motor and mechanical devices.

  • automatic lever lift function when power off: balance the coordination of the mechanical structure and the motor, and the lever arm can automatically return to the open position when the power is off.

  • it can automatically detect the fault status and reset, if it can not be eliminated, it can automatically alarm.

  • all-weather cabinet: the cabinet is made of 2mm thick high-quality steel plate, and the cabinet and internal parts are treated with phosphating and rust prevention. the cabinet is made of imported dupont outdoor special powder coating, which can ensure that it will not fade and rust for a long time.

  • railing arm material: carbon fiber railing; the cross-sectional diameter of the railing is 75mm, the surface is made of foam material, and the red and white high-strength reflective film is attached.

the main technical parameters:

  • railing arm length: 3000mm

  • lift and drop time: ≤0.6 seconds

  • power supply: 85-264vac

  • working frequency: 50hz

  • rated power: standby ≤100w, running ≤250w

  • mtbf: ≥ 5 million times or 10 years

  • mttr: <0.5h

  • service life: ≥10 million times

  • working environment: temperature -50℃-75℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • motor: ac variable frequency torque motor

  • dimensions: 370mm×390mm×1020mm

  • net weight: 70kg