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xl-k3 double-arm fast electric railing machine

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xl-k3 double-arm fast electric railing machine

the xl-k3 series fast electric railing machine is an intelligent product developed by our company using  servo precision control technology, digital servo motor as the power core, and precision machinery manufacturing and assembly. advanced s-curve control technology makes this product the movement curve of start, run and stop is precisely controlled, with 0.3s high-speed running smoothly and smoothly, precise mechanical assembly and good weather resistance, which greatly improves the performance of the electric railing machine, prolongs the service life, and is maintenance-free. this product is widely used in expressway etc non-stop toll collection system, which can significantly increase etc lane flow and increase lane efficiency and utilization.
1. rapid and high performance: under the fast and stable operation of 0.3 seconds, it helps the etc lane to realize the concept of non-stop.
2. relying on precise servo control technology, the motion range of both arms is completely coordinated at such a high speed.
3. adjustable speed: according to the actual needs of customers, the speed of raising and lowering the rod can be set separately to fully meet the various needs of the expressway.
4. the product adopts high-torque servo precision motor, which can automatically adapt to changes in ambient temperature and wind resistance, so that the product can operate stably for a long time in harsh environments.
5. the balance spring is free. the spring changes the tensile force coefficient due to long and rapid work, which reduces the stability of the railing arm. after the precise control of the servo control system, the problem caused by the balance spring is solved.
6. real-time anti-smashing function: the coiled vehicle detector is integrated inside the railing machine, which can realize the automatic closing and anti-smashing functions of passing vehicles. when the railing arm encounters an obstacle, the servo control system performs torque detection to make the railing arm quickly lift to avoid impact damage to the motor.
7. cold-resistant design: the motor has a static current to ensure that there will be no freezing in the cold weather of minus 40 degrees.
8. anti-collision revolving function: the anti-collision revolving device is adopted. when the vehicle hits the railing, the railing can be opened in the driving direction to avoid impact damage to the motor and mechanical devices. the railing arm adopts high elastic soft fiber to avoid the damage of people and vehicles.
9. the function of automatically raising the pole after power failure: the servo control system has power failure detection. when a power failure is detected, the railing arm will quickly and automatically return to the open position.
10. all-weather cabinet: the cabinet is made of 2mm thick high-quality steel plate. the cabinet and internal parts are treated with phosphating and rust prevention. the cabinet is made of imported dupont outdoor special powder coating, which can ensure long-term sunlight and no fading and corrosion.
the main technical parameters:
1. railing arm length: 1500mm*2-2000mm*2
2. lifting and falling time: ≤0.3 seconds
3. power supply: ac 220v ±20%
4. working frequency: 50hz
5. rated power: standby ≤175w*2, operation ≤400w*2
6. mtbf: ≥ 5 million times or 10 years
7. mttr: <0.5h
8. service life: ≥10 million times
9. working environment temperature: ﹣50℃~﹢80℃
10. humidity of working environment: ≤95%
11. motor: precision servo motor
12. dimensions: 370mm×370mm×975mm
13. net weight: 80kg*2