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xl-s527 traffic lights

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xl-s527 traffic lights

product introduction: traffic signal lights can be installed at any highway or tunnel intersection to correctly indicate the passage and prohibition of vehicles. the traffic signal lamp adopts ac220v power supply, adopts the switch quantity control, the green light of the traffic light is always on after power on. the state of the traffic lights is controlled through the control line, and 4 relays are provided for the state feedback of the traffic lights of the lane. this product meets the technical requirements of the national transportation industry gb/t 14887-2003 "road traffic signal lights".

product technical indicators:

  • display color: red, yellow, green, turn left

  • dimensions: 1450mm×400mm×200mm

  • input voltage: 220v ac±10% 50hz±4%

  • power: ≤25w

  • working environment: temperature -50℃~ 60℃, relative humidity 10%~95%

  • mtbf: 50000 hours

  • mttr: ﹤ 0.5 hours

  • viewing angle: ﹥30°

  • display area: ∮300mm

  • visual distance: ≥200m

  • light intensity: ≥5000cd/m2

  • can withstand 30m/s wind