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xl-513 emergency evacuation sign

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xl-513 emergency evacuation sign


product technical indicators:

²product schematic

²dimensions: 250mm×750mm×50mm

²display: double-sided display

²light source: use high-brightness energy-saving led;

²input voltage variable range: ac 85~265v 50/60hz

²rated power: ≤10w

²sealing grade: ip65

²working temperature: -50℃~+60℃;

²working humidity: 10%~95%;

²mtbf: 50000 hours;

²mttr: 0.5 hours;

²light attenuation: 10000h does not exceed 10%; 50000h does not exceed 20%

²material: pc panel, aluminum alloy frame;

²pattern: double-sided display, green outline, white background and black pattern.

²emergency time: 120 minutes (with emergency power supply installed)

²the tunnel sign adopts a side-mounted installation method and is installed on the tunnel wall.

²comply with the inspection standard jt/t 817-2011 "general technical requirements and testing methods for highway electromechanical system equipment"