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xl-518 photoelectric induction label

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xl-518 photoelectric induction label


product introduction:

² using high-brightness high-power led light source, single and double sided light, uniform light emission, soft light, no glare, and good stability.


² strong warning effect, especially at night, rainy or foggy, can greatly improve the driver's alertness, thereby improving driving safety, and the visible distance can reach more than 500 meters

² energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption and long life.

² exquisite appearance: the main body is made of aluminum alloy or high-strength pc casting, with high compressive and seismic strength

² easy to install and safe to use


product technical indicators:

² light-emitting element: led

² luminous intensity: greater than 8000mcd

² flash frequency: 70-300 times/minute

² action mode: flashing synchronously or always on

² luminous color: yellow, red, green and white can be matched at will

² color rendering performance: small chromaticity deviation, high color reproduction

² working voltage: output voltage dc 24v