beijing-shanghai management office won the bid for the indoor large screen and lcd splicing screen i

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announcement on comparison and selection of monitoring and renovation projects of some toll stations of beijing-shanghai expressway

 project name: monitoring and reconstruction project of some toll stations of beijing-shanghai expressway in hebei province

the beijing-shanghai expressway is about to implement the monitoring renovation project of some toll stations of the beijing-shanghai expressway in hebei province. it is now decided to compare and select the project. the candidate for this project is the beijing-shanghai management office of hebei expressway.
project overview and scope of comparison

project content: high-definition transformation of the monitoring system of the beijing-shanghai expressway dongguang toll station (including cangnan maintenance work area) and wuqiao toll station. it is expected to replace 17 indoor hd dome cameras, 29 outdoor hd gun-type cameras, 2 electronic fence anti-theft systems, 3 workstations, 2 consoles (including 2 sets of hard disk video recorders and their storage) and other auxiliary equipment. for details, please refer to the technical specifications and engineering quantity list.