ppp project of wenling link line from yong-捕鱼游戏



ppp project of wenling link line from yong-tai-wen

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the starting point of the project is about 2 km to the north of yongtaiwen expressway to the west of wenling, and to the east via five towns (streets) in wenling, daxi, zeguo, chengbei, xinhe county, binhai, etc. , finally, a coastal highway, about two kilometers south of wenling. the route is about 32.88 km long, with 29,270 m/6 bridges and 1,685 m/1 tunnels, there are 3 general interchange interchange stations, 2 hub interchange stations, 1 reserved interchange station, 1 service area (combined with xinhe interchange) , 1 management sub-center, 1 maintenance area, 1 tunnel management station and 3 interchange toll stations. among them, "the bridge and hole project under the hangzhou-shenzhen railway under the yong-tai-wen expressway to the coastal high-speed wenling link line" has been entrusted to hangzhou local railway development co. , ltd. with an investment of 100 million yuan per month (the cost is included in the total investment in ppp construction cooperation scope) . the total investment in this project is estimated to be 12.84924 billion yuan. the total investment in this ppp project is about 10,328.12 million yuan