the dawuji tunnel of chongqing wuxi-捕鱼游戏



the dawuji tunnel of chongqing wuxi-shaanxi zhenping expressway was successfully completed

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the dongxi river bridge crosses the dongxi river valley and 520 county road. the 520 county road is a fourth-class road with a standard roadbed width of 6.5 meters. it is the only road leading to yulin township and wulong township. the construction of the arch abutment and approach bridge of the dongxi river bridge, as well as the hoisting of steel pipe arches, will endanger the safety of traffic on county road 520. in addition, this is the passage section, with poor visibility and broken upper rock masses. rockfalls often affect passing vehicles.


the dawuji tunnel is designed according to the third-class road standard, with a design speed of 30 kilometers per hour and a total length of 418 meters. it uses the design concept of yonglin combination to meet the construction needs of the dongxi river bridge on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is used as a permanent structure to upgrade county road 520 reserved for renovation.

the entrance and exit of the dawuji tunnel are connected with the existing 520 county road. the entrance and exit of the tunnel need to occupy part of the existing road. the construction personnel overcome the adverse effects of the narrow site, occupied road construction, and large bias pressure, and optimized the design plan many times, optimized the allocation of resources, and corrected the deviation in safety, quality, and schedule in time, so as to achieve a smooth exit.

in the next step, the project department will further strengthen construction organization and scientific management, and use two months to complete all the secondary lining and auxiliary construction to ensure the realization of the goal and create conditions for the construction of the dongxi river bridge.

wuzhen expressway refers to the connecting section of anlai expressway (g6911), the connecting line of yinchuan-baise expressway (g69), between chongqing and shaanxi province.

it started in wuxi county, chongqing city and ended in zhenping county, shaanxi province.

wuzhen expressway is the g69 yinchuan-baise expressway connecting line. it is the second expressway that connects chongqing directly to shaanxi. it is also one of the “links” (shaanxi zhenping-chongqing wuxi-hubei jianshi) north section.


after opening to traffic, the journey between chongqing wuxi and shaanxi zhenping has been shortened from three and a half hours to less than one hour.