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henan will add another highway

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the ppp project from fangcheng to tanghe section of jiaozuo-tanghe expressway has a main line of 101.80 kilometers in length and a connecting line of 21.0 kilometers in length. the main line adopts a two-way 4-lane highway standard with a design speed of 120 km/h and a roadbed width of 27 meters. the estimated total investment of the project: 7.788 billion yuan (rmb).

the total length of the project is about 101.8 kilometers. there are 10 interchanges and 50 separate interchanges on the whole line, 1 extra-large bridge, 12 bridges, 2 service areas, and 1 monitoring and communication sub-center and maintenance work area. 1 work area, 1 provincial toll station and overrun station. the project supports the construction of taihe and qiyi interchange connecting lines in sheqi county and tanghe county respectively. the taihe interchange connecting line is 12.9 kilometers and the qiyi interchange connecting line is 8.1 kilometers.

the starting point of the project is located on the west side of caochangpo village, qinghe township, in the west of fangcheng county, about 900 meters north of g345, crossing g345 (formerly s331) to the south, setting up qinghe interchange; the route is east to south, crossing lannan expressway in the north of qianliuzhuang, set up the liuzhuang hub interchange; cross the zhengwan high-speed railway in the southwest of wangqiangzhuang, cross s103 in the north of daxinzhuang, cross the south-to-north water transfer middle route main canal in songzhuang, and cross g234 in the north of zhanqiao township, set up the zhuangqiao interchange, and then go south and enter sheqi county.