congratulations to xinglu technology for participating in the supply of the emergency command center-捕鱼游戏



congratulations to xinglu technology for participating in the supply of the emergency command center

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relying on the “twelfth five-year plan” ministry and provincial informatization key project, “shaanxi provincial highway and waterway safety and unblocked emergency response system”, the department of transportation of shaanxi province integrates basic information on highways, road transportation, waterways and other industries and accesses industry operation monitoring videos , public security video information, integrated internet weather, road conditions and other big data, built a traffic (road, road transportation, waterway) operation monitoring and dispatching platform, and went online for trial operation in november 2018. it can provide basic information viewing, video review, data statistics, trend analysis, incident reporting and handling, emergency consultation and other operational monitoring and dispatching services for road network, transportation, safety supervision and other departments and business bureaus, and initially realize transportation infrastructure and transportation visible, measurable and controllable equipment and operating environment. at present, the video conference room and emergency command hall on the first floor of the office building can initially realize video consultation and emergency command in an emergency state. according to the spirit of the "minutes", in accordance with the requirements of the ministry and the province to strengthen emergency management, and the needs of the provincial department's emergency command and daily monitoring, the emergency command center of the construction department is very important and urgent. the main construction task of this project is to build an emergency command center for the shaanxi provincial transportation department based on the existing emergency command center site, and at the same time upgrade the provincial transportation group monitoring center.

    the existing emergency command center of the shaanxi provincial department of transportation was built in 2009 and shared with the provincial transportation group. located at the northwest corner of the first floor of the office building at no. 6 tangyan road, it is about 16 meters long from north to south, 12 meters wide from east to west, and the top floor is about 4.5 meters high. the total area is about 200 square meters. the construction scope of this project mainly includes site construction, large-screen display system, and supporting system parts. among them, the site and basic support system make full use of the existing environment and equipment and facilities. renovate the basic environment of the existing command center, improve the decoration effect, and enhance the overall image of the command center. changing the layout of the hall from east-west to north-south, setting up monitoring seats and increasing leadership and commanding seats can simultaneously meet the needs of joint monitoring and emergency command of transportation groups, provincial departments, highways, road transportation, waterways, railways, civil aviation and traffic police. build a large-screen display system and corresponding management platform, and add professional video conferencing audio and video equipment. meet the needs of industry operation monitoring video, data display, and emergency command consultation. at the same time, the original video signals and functions of the access to the transportation group are retained to meet the daily monitoring needs of the group. simultaneously construct supporting systems such as pickup and sound reinforcement system, air-conditioning fresh air system, fire alarm and extinguishing system, power supply and distribution system, and security system.