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the baoji-pingkan expressway is an important part of the national expressway yinkun line (g85) and an important part of a certain han line among the three north-south longitudinal lines in the "2


the longjing-dapuchaihe highway (hereinafter referred to as longpu expressway) is included in the "thirteenth five-year plan" of the ministry of transport. the main line is 134km in length a


relying on the “twelfth five-year plan” ministry and provincial informatization key project, “shaanxi provincial highway and waterway safety and unblocked emergency response system”, the department of


the baitao tunnel project was undertaken by china nuclear northwest construction group co., ltd., with a total length of 11.09 kilometers. it starts from hexiang village, lizhi street, nanfu expresswa


the total length of the route is 24.878 kilometers (0.606 kilometers in gansu). the whole line adopts the two-way four-lane highway standard, of which the starting point to the main line toll station


the pingli-zhenping expressway is an important part of the ankang-laifeng expressway. the route starts in pingli county, ankang city, passes through zhenping to the border of shaanxi and chongqing in