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the route starts at jinzhai village (shimen junction interchange) in baocheng town, hanmian county, and runs along the west side of baohe river to the south. it crosses shitian expressway, yang'an


second bidding section: reconstruction of the electromechanical system of 4 toll stations in lingwu east toll station, jinji toll station, wuzhong toll station and qingtongxia south toll station


congratulations to xinglu technology for participating in the supply of mechanical and electrical engineering projects for xinjiang g3012 moyu-hetian expressway project


the first bid section: the mechanical and electrical system transformation of 5 toll stations including lingwu south toll station, shigouyi toll station, taiyangshan main line toll station, ningdong m


the route of the project starts from the lvxiaozhai interchange of xi’an ring expressway, passes through weiyang district, gaoling, jingyang, sanyuan to tongchuan new district from south to north, and


the s325 gangu to weinan town to maiji class ii highway project is a highway project constructed by our city by means of financing (road repair with loan, loan repayment with toll).