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the section under the jurisdiction of xingfen expressway has a total length of 87.193 kilometers. on december 24, 2010, it was approved by the department of transportation to start construction.


the project starts at the south side of cuimu town and connects to line 306, bypasses cuimu town to the east, and connects to the existing s306 line at k1 100. then the old road is used to cut the ben


the taibai mountain toll station of xibao expressway was built in 1999. it is a toll station for the lanjiacun interchange ramp of xibao expressway, and the exit is connected to jiangtang highway. tai


the longmen highway tunnel is an important part of the hancheng section along the yellow highway, including the longmen tunnel and the sangshuping tunnel. among them, the longmen tunnel is 2310 meters


the route of this project starts from about 10 kilometers west of gongbujiangda county, and connects with the end point of the built national highway 318 linzhi to gongbujiangda section. the starting


the project is located at the xi'an ring expressway (g3001) west high-tech toll station (k52 703). the original toll lanes are 5 in and 8 out (etc lanes are 4 in and 4 out). it is planned to add 7