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the g20 qingdao–yinchuan expressway, also known as the qingyin expressway (code name: g20) , is a 1,610-kilometer highway linking qingdao city in shandong province with the ningxia hui autonomous regi


the reconstruction and expansion project of national highway 108 is a national trunk highway reconstruction demonstration project determined by the ministry of transport of the people's republic o


the 32.605 km long huating county section of the pingtian expressway involves four tunnels and 38 bridges. so far, three tunnels and 21 bridges have been completed. along the pingtian expressway in th


the project is located in the northern part of zunyi, guizhou province, in the three counties of shōan, tongzi county and xishui. the route starts at the town ping of tam giang in the northern part of


jingyi expressway is a section of the shanghai-lotus expressway (g42) in hubei province, which is connected with the wujing expressway. it is an engineering project started in advance by the hubei p


chengdu-ya'an expressway, or cheng ya expressway for short. the line starts from chuangye road in the north to chengdu third ring road, via wuhou district, shuangliu district, xinjin district, pen