the jintan district-yixing expressway is a newly added expressway in the "expressways of jiangsu network planning (2017 something 2035) " . it is an important part of the "vertical thre


the starting point of the xi’an-baoji expressway reconstruction and expansion project (panjiawan-liangquan section) and baoji transit highway (liangquan-goujialing section) is located at the panjiawan


recently, the g4218 line from dartsendo to xindu bridge section of the highway project was officially approved by the provincial development and reform commission, the project estimated total investme


the project road starts from s49 xinyang expressway to the east and ends at the boundary of jiangsu and anhui provinces, and connects to the west of anhui province expressway s0711, the sihong-bengbu


the zhangba interchange, an important part of the g3001 xi'an ring expressway capacity enhancement project, is located at the intersection of the zhangba 4th road and the southern section of the b


the main line of the lijiang ancient city-ninglang yi autonomous county expressway starts from huaping county to lijiang on the southern side of lijiang near the guanpo expressway, followed by heqing