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the wuqi-dingbian expressway is an important part of the ding (bian)-han (central) line, the third vertical of the "2367" expressway network plan in shaanxi province, with a total length of


the xiyan expressway in shaanxi starts from the lvxiaozhai interchange of xi’an ring expressway in the south, passing through 3 cities and 6 counties of xi’an, xianyang, tongchuan, yan’an, sanyuan, yi


the liupanshan tunnel has a total length of 9485 meters. it is the longest expressway tunnel in the plateau area above 2000 meters above sea level in our country. it is also the first two-lane four-la


the starting point of the project is located at the south exit of zhalantun city, connecting xinlinbei to zhalantun expressway, and then passing eastward through gaotaizi village, jiangjialinggang, an


the reconstruction project of the section from wubao to zizhou of national highway 307 is a key project supervised by the ministry and province, and jointly built by the city and county. it starts in


the main line of the project is 88.172km in length. the starting point of the route is 8.5 kilometers north of pingkan town, fengxian county, baoji city. it is connected to the baoji-pingkan expresswa