the starting point of the zhashui-shanyang expressway route is located in mingxing village, xialiang town, south of zhashui county. the yezhuping interchange interchange is set up to connect with the


the autonomous region will complete the investment of 60 billion yuan in fixed assets in transport infrastructure this year, bringing the total mileage of highways in the region to more than 6,000 kil


located in ngawa tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture and jinyang city of sichuan province, the project spans jiuzhaigou valley, pingwu county, beichuan qiang autonomous county, jiangyou and youxia


the project starts in the town of maba, xuyi county, following the existing 金湖 to maba expressway and intersecting the g25 long-deep expressway. after crossing with the s49 xinyang expressway, the rou


the starting point of the xi’an-baoji expressway reconstruction and expansion project (panjiawan-liangquan section) and baoji transit highway (liangquan-goujialing section) is located at the panjiawan


after studying, the development and reform commission of guizhou province has recently issued a reply to the provincial department of communications and transport (no. 121, guizhou communication (2020