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the project starts from the ganquanpu industrial park, connects to the tuwu-dalian expressway (ganquanpu interchange), passes through urumqi east, and ends at the tuwu-dalian expressway-wulabo interch


yatong expressway is an important part of zhangye-wenchuan expressway in qinghai province’s expressway network planning. the starting point of the project is at guzitan, yashiga town, hualong county.


the maintenance and repair mechanical and electrical works of the xihan branch include: the addition of six signs of the long and large tunnel in the ningshan section, partial eps replacement; qinling


the project route of the beijing-tibet expressway reconstruction and expansion project starts from mahuanggou, ningmeng province, north of shizuishan, and ends at taoshankou, tongxin county, connected


ulanhot east interchange toll station and baiyin wusu interchange toll station on the ulanhot to shitoujingzi (mengjijie) section of expressway are located in the xing'an league of inner mongolia


the starting point of this project is about 2km east of xiaocaohu interchange, and it is connected to the end point of the proposed turpan-xiaocaohu expressway reconstruction project.