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the route of the langzhuo expressway starts from songlindian, 8 kilometers south of zhuozhou, via linjiatun, jingshi expressway, beigaoguanzhuang, liuheying south, daqinghe, gu'an county dongwan,


this project is an important part of the national expressway network g30 lianyungang-khorgos, and an important part of the first horizontal section of the xinjiang transportation "57712" pro


the project route of the beijing-tibet expressway reconstruction and expansion project starts from mahuanggou, ningmeng province, north of shizuishan, and ends at taoshankou, tongxin county, connected


the hefeng line tongchuan-xunyi expressway is a section of the g3511 heze-baoji link planned by the national highway network, and it is also an important part of the he (yang) feng (xiang) line in the


the guandu yellow river bridge is a cross-river passage connecting zhongmu county of zhengzhou city and yuanyang county of xinxiang city in henan province, china. it is a control project for the eastw


the starting point of the project is at the fork of provincial highway 242, which is connected to the end of the highway from dun maza to the fork of provincial highway 242. the end of the project is