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chengtang expressway, which starts 3 kilometers east of beidaihe service area of jingshen expressway, interconnects with jingqin expressway, passing through funing and changli in qinhuangdao city, let


xiwei expressway, weiyu expressway


the construction site of the hongyazi yellow river highway bridge project is located 470 meters upstream of the existing hongyazi township yellow river floating bridge, with a total length of 21.8 kil


the section of national highway 569 from mandela to datong highway from ningcangyakou to ketu has a total length of about 42.365km, passing through menyuan county, haibei prefecture.


the project starts in the south of shule county, connects to the end of the g3012 kashgar-sule section of the expressway, and ends in the southwest of moyu county, and connects to the starting point o


the fuzhou section of the beijing-fuzhou expressway starts at meijianlin at the junction of fuzhou and sanming, passes through minqing and ends at qingkou of minhou, and is connected to the main line