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the du (kangbao to guyuan) section of the erqin highway zhangjiabaikou section starts in the west from bainaobao village (hebei-mongolia border), kangzhibao county,


the hebei provincial expressway beijing-shanghai management office is subordinate to the hebei provincial expressway administration, and is responsible for the operation and management of g2 beijing-s


the jinshan expressway is the overlapping section of the fourth and horizontal lines in hebei of the national key highway construction plan. it starts at taoyuan village, huanghua city, ends at xinji


the renovation project of the gaocheng-shijiazhuang section of the huangshi expressway starts from the gaocheng west interchange (k281 258), and is connected with the xinji-gaocheng section renovation


speed up project construction, promote the reform of the toll road system, and strive to basically cancel the toll stations on the provincial expressways in the province before the end of 2019, and re


the hebei section of the coastal expressway is an important part of the expressway network in hebei province. this expressway starts from beidaihe in qinhuangdao city in the north, passes through funi