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the qinling zhongnanshan highway tunnel is a control project on the baotou-maoming line of the national expressway network and an important part of the xi’an-ankang expressway network of shaanxi’s &qu


on the north bank of the jinghe river on the baomao expressway double-track, the intercommunication range corresponds to the baomao expressway double-track mileage k828 923~k830 041, covering an area


the first-generation construction section of the wanning-yangpu expressway in hainan province is an important part of the "tian"-shaped expressway network in hainan province. the route trave


xilan expressway refers to the xi’an-lantian expressway, which is 30.85 kilometers long and was officially opened to traffic on november 16, 2000. the xilan expressway starts at xiangwang village, baq


the liping-jingzhou (qianxiangjie) expressway is a convenient expressway passage from the southeastern part of guizhou province to the changzhutan urban agglomeration.


xinglin expressway, xingtai city-linxi county expressway, referred to as "xinglin expressway". number: ji expressway s009, xinglin expressway is an important part of g2516 donglu expressway